Ethereum is one of the most popular and well-supported blockchain networks. It is currently moving through a transitional phase, Ethereum 1 (Proof of work) blockchain is being migrated to Ethereum 2 (Proof of stake). This is done mainly for increasing the transactions throughout (TPS) and making the chain more robust, scalable, and more environmentally friendly to maintain. Their support request has been met and in 3 months more than 100K validators were put in place by the community. Rest assured that Ethereum cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are here to stay and will play a leading role in the years to come.

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0xa3c1365e022bd9f8d2b9974...bb1d532fb7729e17ad9624907b633240xa3c1365e022bd9f8d2b9974576114d2c8b17d4432220226eb014501681708e61bbb1d532fb7729e17ad9624907b63324copy icon

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